Hydraulic engineering

Dykes, polders, ditch system, Wettern, canals,
locks, sluices, poldering, pumping stations


Settlement structure

Deichhufen and ribbon farms, traffic routes, yards,
villages on bridges, development on the dyke


The right of the Dutch

Dyke law, rights of the youngest, women’s rights,
no guild obligation for craftsmen, early democratic structures


Agriculture & orcharding

Fertile marsh soils, special/mild microclimate,
cultivation methods, water management,
upstream and downstream specialist companies, science


Trade & Shipping

Shipping, ports, shipyards, Altländer ship types,
feeder ships, knowledge transfer through trade


Altländer Cultural heritage

Architecture of the Fachhallenhäuser, ornamental gables, splendor gates,
churches, organ culture (Arp Schnitger), traditional costumes,
filigree jewelery, Altländer furniture, inventions

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